Use cases

Do more with your data using Ceph.

Businesses, academic institutions, global organizations and more can streamline their data storage, achieve reliability and scale infinitely with Ceph.

Data is invaluable, so Ceph keeps it safe. Without effective protection, data loss can be detrimental to business, incurring monumental costs and irreparable damage to critical data.

Via its advanced CRUSH algorithm, automated data redundancy, self-management daemons and much more, Ceph ensures data is safely stored, instantly available and optimally distributed for effective disaster recovery.

By streamlining data management and compliance processes, eradicating downtime, reducing network bottlenecks and removing traditional barriers to scale, Ceph enables any organisation to build resilient clusters tailored to their individual needs.

Ceph is for…


Ceph provides scalable and reliable data storage for object, block and file storage, without the need for the investment in expensive hardware.

Global organizations

Ceph can be configured to maximise the value of geographically distributed data centres to deliver highly available, resilient data.

Academic institutions

Ceph's full customisation potential enables tailored data curation and management practices, the collection of both unstructured and structured data at scale, and reliable backups of your research, for secure, robust data storage.


Ceph makes it easy to only buy what you need, but also to grow as you need, quickly adjusting your cluster's balance as you add, remove or replace storage media. And if your start-up experiences sudden, exponential growth, Ceph will grow your cluster right alongside you, with no license renegotiation needed.


Ceph's open source adaptability is perfect for developing software, experimenting with cloud hosted services and working with large volumes of block, file and object data.

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Use Ceph and achieve…

Intelligent software integration

Ceph's architecture allows for integration with a broad range of other services, applications, and cloud technologies. From web-scale content repositories to machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can gain detailed insights and leverage your data to improve business, with all the benefits of Ceph's flexible, adaptable foundation. Use Ceph's inbuilt protocols to work with block, object and files storage, or create your own interface using LIBRADOS.

Scalable storage

With Ceph, there is no limit to your data growth. As a virtualised storage system, Ceph can scale as you require, without the confines of traditional hardware storage. Ceph will work to maintain reliability, performance and availability of your data even alongside exponential growth.

Undoubted reliability

Using advanced algorithms, intelligent object storage daemons and automated self-management, Ceph provides businesses with high reliability and quick, detailed insights into cluster health. Where manual data management can result in operational delays and overlooked cluster issues, Ceph maintains round-the-clock monitoring, back-ups and data protection.

Business continuity

There are few businesses that can run smoothly without access to key operational data, whether that's their customer bookings or their automated logistical systems. Downtime also reduces customer confidence and can have a significant impact on business income. Ceph will help you maintain business continuity by allowing you to create fine-tuned, automated redundancy, keeping your data replicated across devices, racks and geographical locations.

Controlled investment

Instead of bulky payments and costly infrastructure demands, Ceph will run on your existing off-the-shelf hardware, making the switch from an existing solution far more cost-effective than the alternatives. And by balancing your data replication across a cluster, it's easy to monitor cluster capacity and only purchase additional storage when you actually need it.

Choose the hardware that matches your needs

Ceph provides unparalleled flexibility in your choice of hardware, able to run on just about anything. By freeing organisations from committing to a single hardware vendor, Ceph allows for constant adpation and innovation, with all hardware components able to be swapped out as your needs change. Access object, block or file storage from one unified cluster, simplifying your data management independent of the hardware you use.

Remove bottlenecks

Bottlenecks that seemed acceptable in smaller deployments may rapidly become costly and unweildly at scale. As a distributed storage system, Ceph provides seamless data retrieval by enabling client applications to calculate the location of data within a cluster directly, removing the need for a traditional metadata server. By allowing this direct path to retrieving and writing data, network traffic is reduced, and a critical single point of failure negated, providing smoother, more reliable service to you and your customers.

A solution you can rely on long-term

Ceph's global community of industry leading developers ensure Ceph never falls behind the storage technology curve. There are more eyeballs reviewing Ceph's code on a daily basis than you would get from a proprietary solution, quickly responding to evolving security requirements and new innovations in storage technology. Ceph’s core philosophy and open source platform ensures continued development and practicality; Ceph is built to address the needs of its users, and it continues to offer more features and efficiencies with every release.